Bitcoin Cash Value

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Bitcoin Cash value has decreased significantly during the bear market of 2018. At the beginning of last year, the coin's price was slightly above $4,000. However, after a year of crypto winter, the price fell all the way down to only $80 per coin by the time December 2018 had come around. The situation took a turn for the better in 2019, however, although not by much. Bitcoin Cash current value sits at $315.39, which is only slightly better when compared to its all-time high. While Bitcoin Cash's performance did improve — it once again failed to reach the same levels as Bitcoin. As you may know, Bitcoin's all-time high was $20,000 back in 2017, while BCH Value grew to $4,000. In 2019, Bitcoin managed to go more than half-way towards this record, originally almost reaching $14,000 in June, before dropping to $10,000, where it remained since. The value of Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, did not behave the same. If it did, BCH would have hit the value of at least $2,000 likely even more, which simply did not happen. Instead, we have the current BCH value, which is only a bit over $200 above the lowest point in its history. It remains unknown whether or not BCH will ever reach up once again, and achieve its former levels and its former glory. Luckily, this did not condemn the coin, and it is still among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, currently sitting at the fourth spot on the list of largest coins by market cap. In other words, even though Bitcoin Cash value today is not what it used to be in December 2017 — the coin still has a large community and a lot of supporters, which was enough to secure its survival, even during November 2018, when its hard fork ended up in a disaster that gave birth to Bitcoin SV.