Ethereum Chart

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When it comes to trying to analyze Ethereum's past behavior, as well as predict its potential future behavior — the first place that most people tend to go to, are Ethereum charts. There are numerous websites out there that offer an Ethereum chart, as these belong among some of the basic tools that every crypto investor or a trader needs to have. One of the favorite solutions for most people is a website called CoinMarketCap, which tracks the activity of over 2,800 cryptocurrencies these days. This website provides a massive amount of information about each of the listed coins, as well as about different cryptocurrency exchanges, trading volume, and alike. However, its charts are what interests us the most today. Once you arrive at the website and click on Ethereum, you will be taken to ETH page, which shows its price, market cap, supply, and other details. Scroll down a bit, and you will find the ETH chart. This chart allows you to view Ethereum's performance throughout its history. Every moment of its lifetime can be seen there, and you can easily inspect any period you might be interested in viewing. You can make different Ethereum charts by looking at Ethereum's performance in the past 24 hours, the past week, month, three months, one year, only current year, or its entire history. You can even choose a specific period to view, by setting the slider beneath the chart itself, which provides you with a great level of customization. This is easily the best Ethereum to USD chart or at least one of the best ones out there. There are numerous other websites, exchanges, and similar services that can provide you with such insight. So, if you are a trader, an investor, or even just a crypto enthusiast — these charts are the easiest way to track Ethereum's performance — or that of any other coin.