Ethereum to USD

Converting USD to Ethereum is one of the most popular trading choices for a lot of crypto enthusiasts interested in its dApps, smart contracts, and other products. Alternatively, converting Ethereum to USD is a good way to make a profit, if you happened to sell it when Ethereum USD price was high. Currently, selling 1 Ethereum to USD would only give you around $180, which is pretty low when compared to the coin's all-time high, achieved back in January 2018. Back then, ETH price in USD sat at around $1,400 per each coin, but the following year was marked by a constant bear market, which knocked down Ethereum USD value to the price we see today. Even the current price is still slightly higher than it used to be when Ethereum was at its lowest, although it is still barely above one-tenth of its highest price. In other words, if you are looking to convert Ethereum to USD, it might pay to wait, as many analysts predict that the end of 2019 will bring forth another large surge, which might bring Ethereum price USD to a larger height. Optimists believe that exchanging Ethereum to USD will be as profitable as it was in early 2018, and there are also many who expect its new price to be even higher than the old one. After all, it is what most expect to see for pretty much every coin. In other words, it might be best to find a good exchange where you can convert ETH to dollar, and wait for the proper conditions before you put your coins on for sale. This will require a bit of patience, but that is something that you must have in order to trade crypto in its young, unregulated state.