Ethereum Value

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Looking at the Ethereum value today, it seems difficult to believe that the coin was nearly ten times as large only a year and a half ago. Ethereum current value sits at $180.69 per coin, and this is the price that it has after growing by 0.40% in the last 24 hours. Ethereum value comes from its many use cases as a development platform. This is not a coin that was created to be used in day to day transactions, such as paying for coffee, meals, or goods. Instead, Ethereum value comes from how useful its platform is, how many dApps it has, and how popular they are, as well as how safe and effective its smart contracts are. All of this gives Ethereum worth, but it has a number of other use cases, as well. Of course, you could always use it in trading and investing, or you can use it to buy altcoins that can also be created on its platform. Most altcoins created on Ethereum's blockchain accept ETH in exchange for new tokens, which maintains the value of Ethereum and increases its transactions. However, Ethereum worth still mainly relies on its use in dApps, since almost every important move in these applications requires the use of ETH, in some small amount. These microtransactions are what allowed the coin to have one of the largest transaction counts in the crypto industry. Ethereum is also the second-largest coin in the crypto industry. This is not thanks to the current ETH value, but rather due to the size of its market cap, which sits at $19.4 billion at the time of writing, and is topped only by Bitcoin itself. Obviously, this is one of the largest projects in the crypto space and the second most important crypto project ever to be developed.