Ethereum Price

With it being the second largest coin in the crypto space, Ethereum price is constantly speculated about. Many tend to price Ethereum much higher than what ETH price now shows. Although, it is worth remembering that the current price of Ethereum is a result of a year-long bear market, followed by a few months of stagnation, two months of slow growth, and another few months of slow drops. The current Ethereum price sits at $180.69 per coin, and anyone can follow ETH price live on websites such as CoinMarketCap or TradingView. These websites also show the Ethereum price chart, which is useful for checking out Ethereum prices throughout the years, which is often used to illustrate its evolution, and predict Ethereum stock price in the future. ETH price today is clearly way below its all-time high, meaning that Ethereum current price has a lot of room left to grow. It is usually believed that the height which the coin's value has reached once can be reached again, especially when it comes to such high-ranking coins with a lot of use cases, such as the second-largest coin in the entire crypto market. The highest that Ethereum price has ever reached was $1,421 per coin, and this height was achieved back on January 14th, 2018, right before the market crash which is responsible for making the price of Ethereum today as low as it is. But, as we have seen with many other coins, the current price of Ethereum is likely only a temporary setback, and its value is sure to go up with each new rally. Ethereum price now already started seeing a small amount of growth (40% in the last 24 hours), which is an indication that the price of Ethereum in the near future might surge, especially as the year comes to an end. This is why traders and investors must always keep an eye on Ethereum live price, and make use of any opportunity that emerges.